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Phase Change Vests

>Has anyone tried a phase change cooling vest?

Not sure what you're referring to.   I've got a BMW liner that's supposed to
keep your body at body temp.  It has tiny bubbles in the material that change
from liquid to gas right at body temp.   It's black and has zip-off nylon
sleeves.  Looks pretty stylish and can be worn to dinner after the ride.

It's not, however a particularly cool thing.   It won't keep you cooler than
no vest.   It will keep you comfortable over a 25 degree or so temp change.
This is what I understand to be a phase change garmet.

I also have a cooling vest.  This thing has a bunch of pellets sewn into it.
You soak it in the sink for a while and let it hang until it stops dripping.
The pellets hold a lot of water and the vest keeps slowly evaporating water
for hours.   When it's really hot, this thing works.   There are several
brands of these.   A friend found these on line a few years ago.  It's the
ugliest thing you could imagine...flesh colored!   But it works when you
really want to stay cool.  Easy to pack when dry.   Doesn't take a ton of
room.   When wet, it weighs 3 or 4 pounds.   I paid something on the order of
$35 for this one.   I think the newer ones are a little more expensive, but
the ones I've seen all look better than mine...ugh.   If you crash with one of
these, my guess is that it will act as extra padding and protect you a bit

- -TB