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Re: Top speed for R1100S

Hello Wayne,

From: "Wayne Woodruff" <wayne@xxxxxxxx>

>> o Top speed recorded by GPS: 217 kph (134.8 mph)
> According to my owners manual, 140 mph is the top speed.  I'm
> impressed that the measured speed is that close to the advertised
> speed.

As I stated in my previous posting, the bike "appeared" to not be 
accelerating. I will do additional runs as conditions and time permits to 
see if I can attain the claimed maximum speed. It takes a long stretch of 
road to max out on an R1100S.

> I'm also glad that you were able to take this measurement and do not
> appear to have suffered any ill from it (either an accident or
> ticket)...

The R1100S feels very stable at top speed, and the ride is smooth assuming 
you are in the racer's crouch position. The wind protection is very good. On 
previous occasions I have posted an article on how I avoid speeding tickets. 
If others request it, I'll post it online, otherwise, ping me offline in a 
few days if you are interested and I'll send you a copy.

>...You got way bigger kahuna's than I do.

I assume you meant "cojones", which is a term for "balls" or "chutzpah", 
rather than kahuna, which is a Hawaiian shaman. Naw. The R1100S just needs 
an open throttle and a long stretch of safe road. During my last run, the 
only other vehicle was a Harley-Davidson Road King Classic, and he was 
behind me.

- -Steve Makohin
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada