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Re: Brake problems.

It sounds like it could be a bad master cylinder piston seal.  That is usually how master cylinders fail, total brake fade sometimes but not always.  It doesn't seem possible on such a new master cylinder since mine lasted nearly 8 years before developing a leak, but it didn't fail in the way you describe but every car master cylinder I have replaced did it that way.  One time it would be firm pedal next time it was all the way to the floor board ( with the accompaning butt pucker as you hoped you would stop sometime before the back of the truck).
I hope it is something simpler.   The reason it might do it after a fluid change is the new fluid is less viscous,  Or you might have dis-louged some critical crud ( kind of like a blood clot)  
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I get a nice firm squeeze EVERY time if I give a quick squeeze. Any other 

Tpcutter@xxxxxxx wrote:
Sounds like you still have air in the system, or there is a loose connection 

Originally ABSDoug@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I feel I have finally gotten all the air out. Weird thing going on: the brake 
leaver occasionally would compress almost ALL the way. If you squeezed VERY 
slowly, same thing. Can't make it happen now, except squeezing slowly makes the 
leaver compress almost all the way. I think I know what is up, but I want to 
hear some input... < 2 yr old master cylinder and this all started happening 
after new fluid. Thanx!

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