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Re: Battery longevity?

In a message dated 9/8/05 3:29:50 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
robert.silas@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<<This spring I was  told that BMW does not use/make acid battery anymore, I 
had to buy a gel battery  for Can.$208 + tax, double of an acid battery...>>

BMW has  reintroduced the lead-acid battery in the size that fits Oilheads. 
Part number  61 21 0 403 224   it is a 12V, 19 AH wet-cell. This battey is 
rated at  is 170 Amps CCA.

BTW, for R1100S owners WITHOUT ABS, you should know that  your motorcycles 
come with a little dinky battery, part number 61 21 2 306 758  that is only 12V, 
14 AH. You can easily upgrade to either the BMW gel battery,  part number 61 
21 2 346 800  which is 12V, 19 AH, but only 100Amps CCA.  

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA