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Re: Lets get back to oilheads...throttle body question

Thanks, Pascal, et al

I thought (hoped) replacing o-rings would solve my problem...not so.  
The throttle bodies seem to synch ok under load, but idle is 
erratic...bypass screws still widely apart to balance.  I'll check shaft 
play tomorrow, spray some carb cleaner at them, and clean out the bypass 
screws (maybe there's a bad o-ring in there).  Throttle stops seem 
tight, so I don't think there's any sense in trying to zero them if the 
butterfly shaft bushings are worn out.  Many thanks.

John Van Deren
Montpelier, VT

Pascal Voury wrote:

>|  Today I was adjusting the throttle body synch on my 94 RS (110K miles) 
>|  and noticed that the right brass air bypass screw needed to be almost 
>|  closed (clockwise) to attain balance on the Twinmax. The left screw is a 
>|  couple of turns out.
>I noticed the same pb a few 10000 miles ago.
>I just checked the tubes (never did that before) and found NO
>O-ring between one tube and one of the throttle  body.
>Since I bought the bike new in '98, there probably never ever was one.
>Or the engine ate it -).
>That was enough to cure my problem, and it's a cheap check before the usual
>(butterfly wear) suspect.
>					Pascal