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Making a decision

I'm struggling with a choice:  I've got an opportunity to purchase a
2001 non-ABS R1100RL with a Corbin, bags, Givi bikini shield and only
3,500 miles, listed at $8,300 (a bit pricey that, no?)  

OTOH, my local dealer (Bob's) has a couple of new 2004 R1100SAs, one
with ABS and kitted out nicely (but no bags).  We haven't got down to
the nut-cutting, but I'd guess it will go out around $13K plus.  And BMW
has that nice incentive deal on those.

Or I could just throw $2-3K into my rather tired R75/6.

Acknowledging that the last is off-topic, and that I really need to ride
the first two to make what is ultimately a personal decision, can anyone
supply or point me to resources that might inform my choice?