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Have belt will travel

Not meant to continue on the merits or lack thereof of belt drives, but
thought this might be interesting just from an adventure riding perspective:

The website is German. I translated the home page.

And she's just not a pretty blonde. She received a doctorate in
biotechnologies from Univ of Vienna in 1997.

She's a true renaissance girl. Can ride endurance, off-road, track. . .
And I know that there are oBMWc's  in those events.

Make no mistake.   This Chica can ride!

Montreal, Canada
Buell Ulysses review


The Bike in action is a Lightning XB12-S, not even a Ulysses.

Gravel does not seem to bother her. Though we have no idea of longevity of
the belt.


The book

" rose and sky-blue "

from Karin Mairitsch and Edwin Prochaska

The contents: Two people meet with the motorcycle driving. In the parking
lot with the landlord on the house distance he appeals to them, and after a
common coffee he hands her his calling card.

She imagines something, he imagines something. They both do not imagine the
same thing.

The play can begin. First an SMS, then an e mail, e-mails become longer, the
SMS more seldom. They meet for dinner and arrange to meet for the next
Sunday afternoon.

"rose " relates her view of the things, "sky-blue" his.

Every book has 26 chapters, of it six chapters are congruent and tell the
same scene - from both perspectives.

It is about the variability between female and male thinking. It is about
two people who spend time with each other sharing an activity and experience
it differently.

The book is greased in the world of the motorcycle riding. In experiences of
everyday life as well as those smaller, more unique experiences in which the
true spice lies.

Two fronts. No back.

Two perspectives.

Once woman. Once man.

The stories meet in the middle.

Karin Mairitsch is an unusual woman. Conferred a doctorate in
biotechnologies, writer and corroded from knock the single cylinder engine
and two-cylinder.

What began on the Viennese motorcycle fair with a chat now findds a logical
conversion. Karin begins with the prologue to the arch mountain running on


If I remember correctly, I read about some rally that she participated in
(In Africa?) where many did not make it and she did well.

The event