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Making a Decision


> I'm struggling with a choice: I've got an opportunity to purchase a
> 2001 non-ABS R1100RL with a Corbin, bags, Givi bikini shield and only
> 3,500 miles, listed at $8,300 (a bit pricey that, no?)

Yes!  Too much to spend on an R this old without Twin Spark, even with these
low miles...in my opinion.   Wire wheels might make it worth the price, if you
like that.

> OTOH, my local dealer (Bob's) has a couple of new 2004 R1100SAs, one
> with ABS and kitted out nicely (but no bags). We haven't got down to
> the nut-cutting, but I'd guess it will go out around $13K plus. And BMW
> has that nice incentive deal on those.

You need an incentive.   13K is a lot for an S without bags.

> Or I could just throw $2-3K into my rather tired R75/6.

If you like that bike, well, it's your money.   Depends on how fast you want
to go.

> Acknowledging that the last is off-topic, and that I really need to ride
> the first two to make what is ultimately a personal decision, can anyone
> supply or point me to resources that might inform my choice?

It depends on your size and weight a bit.   There are little guys who ride S's
cross-country and love them.   I think the bars and more importantly, the foot
pegs can be moved on these to make them more comfortable.   I think they're
the prettiest bike BMW has made to date.   Still, starting at 13K and
investing in bags, extended pegs and bar risers, you're getting into hex-head

If you're tall, consider a 1200GS.  Great handling bike about the same weight
as an R that you can tour on or take across town.

Also consider an RS.   Used and even leftover new RSs are going for peanuts.
These bikes can be used locally and on the road.  Many riders prefer them to
anything else.

As for sources, check www.ibmwr.org classifieds for good used bikes if only to
get an idea about pricing.    Pricing is very good on Oilheads because a lot
of people are trading up to hex heads now.   I sold an '04 RT with only 12K
miles on it, just broken in, for $10,250 with a few extras on it.   That
included hard cases and a good Sargent saddle, bar-baks and a nice windscreen.
It was a great deal for the buyer and I sold locally for cash and didn't sit
with the bike long.   There are others like me who want to sell their really
good used bikes right away.   You just have to watch the ads.   Get familiar
with the different models of oil heads.  Ride a few and sit on all of them.
Narrow it down to two models and then look for the best bike you can get with
the amount you can afford to spend.

If you're short, GS and RT are probably not the best choices.  If you're tall,
S is probably not the best choice.   I know short guys with GSs and RTs.  I
know tall guys with S's, but generally, that's a good guide.   For touring,
you'll want a larger windscreen and probably a better saddle and obviously
hard bags on any model you get, so if you want to do this, try to find a bike
that already has these things.   You'll save some money over buying new stuff
or even used stuff later on.

- -TB