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Re: Help with parts cross-referencing

In a message dated 9/14/05 8:12:38 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
rsriding@xxxxxxx writes:
You answered one very  important question about the interchangability of the 
sub-frame (back-frame or  whatever the correct terminology is) for the RT vs 
the RS...they aren't the  same. That will save me from spending money on the RT 
sub-frame on ebay. It's  probably a bargain at <$100, but it's no bargain if 
I can't use it.  

The bike is at the shop right now...if I can get out there with my dig.  
camera, I'll send you some pics. Thanks for the offer of  help.


Also, apparently there has been an upgrade  change on the early rear frame, 
and if you replace it you have to change some  other stuff, too, like the seat. 
One of my clients went through that last  summer. If you want, I could put 
you in touch with him.

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA