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Help with parts cross-referencing


I recently rode my '94 R11RS in the Iron Butt Rally knocking down about 
12,500 miles in 11 days and I had the bike outfitted with a set of Frank Doerr 
aluminum panniers. These bags attach to a couple of points under the rear portion 
of the seat on the subframe where the stock bags mounting bracket attach and 
also to an opening on the subframe where the passenger footpegs normally attach.

A minor tip over caused two of the mounting points on the left side to break 
(one at the footpeg position and the other was one of the two points under the 
seat). The right side footpeg point is also cracked and is well on its way to 
breaking completely.

I'm figuring that a welding job is in order, but there is a subframe for an 
R11RT on ebay right now. Anyone know if this RT subframe would happen to be a 
swap for an RS subframe? 

Geoffrey Greene
Knoxville, Tennessee USA