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R1100S questions

I just purchased a lovely 99 R1100S, but  without a Riders Manual.  So I've a couple of questions.
On the centerstand, should the oil level be in the middle of the sight glass?  
Am I correct the engine wants 93 octane gas?
What is the proper tire pressures for a 200 lb rider?  What is the proper pressure for two-up riding?
Yesterday morning on the way bringing it down I had my battery die in a motel parking lot  [weak original battery + operator error - see: lack of riders manual] 350 miles from home and 100+ plus miles from the nearest dealership.  Thank the Lord that it did come with the Technical Manual, and the tool kit had the proper allen wrenches to get the fairings, air duct etc, off.  Ugly way to start getting to know the bike, tho.  I've been following rhe charger thread closely.   I'm getting the best possible battery as a replacement *and* a trickle charger.  I do *not* want to have do that again.

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	Hello all,
	FWIW, I put my R1100S on a Battery Tender whenever I was not using it, year
	round. Even between rides. It never boiled my battery down. The battery
	hauled strongly for 4 years with no signs of weakening, until my crash did
	the bike in. I highly recommend a genuine Battery Tender, and the process I
	-Steve Makohin
	 '01 R1100S/ABS
	 Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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