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RE: Trainspot this fairing?

Don't know where that fairing came from but as a fan of the original
R90S I've always thought the R1100R looks pretty good with a color
matched Parabellum Scout fairing.  I've seen some on bikes at rallies
and I think they look great.  Check it out here:


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Subject: Trainspot this fairing?

Hi all.

New to the list. Adding a '97 1100R to the stable this coming weekend.
Been looking around the net at driving lamps, mounting accessories, etc
etc, and came across a nice batch of photos at "R1100R Everyday!".

This nacelle/fairing is very R65LS-esque and I'm partial to that since
it's been my ride pre the 1100R.. Can anyone tip me in the right
direction re manufacturer, and even better, comment on experiences with


Also, any comments about the shorter, blue OEM?