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Re: R1100S questions

DB, It's ok to ask about any of this stuff.  We need the traffic ;-))

The hot buttons are oil, tires, and surging.

Red cap Mobil 1 is now gone from the shelves as I understand it.  The 
last couple times I was in Wallly World, the cap is now the same color 
as the bottle.  Silver grey.  That's what I will go to when my still 
new bike (7k miles) is broken in.  Since you just got this bike, and 
may not know the history of it, my advice to you would be to put dino 
20-50 Castrol or = in there for now.  Then, only after you have 
confirmed that the motor doesn't burn oil, you can switch to synth.  I 
like Mobil 1, and others have other opinions.

In the tranny, use a good quality gear oil or a synth.  I use Castrol 
gear oil and add Gear Guard to it (a moly additive). Works great.

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27

On Sep 26, 2005, at 9:52 AM, Dave Blumgart wrote:

> Thanks, all.
> Regarding octane, I had a feeling that it took 89-91 US-style, but I
> figured better to go too high than too low.  'Sides, with those d*mnned
> one-hose pumps, if you fill premium and the guy before went low-test, 
> in
> the end you are getting 89-91!
> Every newsgroup/mail list has its subjects that incite strong feelings
> and ignite flame wars.  I'm curious what engine oil people use,
> synthetic (specifically red cap Mobile 1) vs. alternatives, but on 
> other
> groups oil has been an incendiary issue.  How's it work here?  Can this
> be brought up?
> Actually, is there an archive for this list? I can't find one with
> Google.
> And are there other detonators I should avoid triggering?
> DB