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Re: R1100S questions

On 9/26/05, Dave Blumgart <DBLUMGART@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Every newsgroup/mail list has its subjects that incite strong feelings
> and ignite flame wars.  I'm curious what engine oil people use,
> synthetic (specifically red cap Mobile 1) vs. alternatives, but on other
> groups oil has been an incendiary issue.  How's it work here?  Can this
> be brought up?
Dunnow. I go to the dealer and chant the magic incantation "I need oil
for my bike". They then proceed to do an ancient oil-and-money swap
rite, and whatever I end up with in my hands after it, I pour into the
left head. I think it says 'Belkin' on the label...

> And are there other detonators I should avoid triggering?
I think the debate on whether an oilhead is actually still an airhead
could become interesting ;-)