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RE: R1100S questions

Thanks, all.

Regarding octane, I had a feeling that it took 89-91 US-style, but I
figured better to go too high than too low.  'Sides, with those d*mnned
one-hose pumps, if you fill premium and the guy before went low-test, in
the end you are getting 89-91!

Every newsgroup/mail list has its subjects that incite strong feelings
and ignite flame wars.  I'm curious what engine oil people use,
synthetic (specifically red cap Mobile 1) vs. alternatives, but on other
groups oil has been an incendiary issue.  How's it work here?  Can this
be brought up?  

Actually, is there an archive for this list? I can't find one with

And are there other detonators I should avoid triggering?


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> o Some folks swear that if you let your bike rest on the side-
>   stand for a few minutes first, that will drain the oil from the
>   oil cooler to the oil pan. Put it on the center stand and let it
>   rest for 10 minutes, and then take a reading.

That worked on my R1100R, but so far, does not appear to work on my

> o My rule of thumb is to not fill above "1/4 low", and top up
>   no later than "3/4 low". This easily compensates for
>   inaccuracies due to oil pooling and collecting in places other
>   than the oil pan.

I never add until it reached the bottom and I never fill it above the
1/2 mark.  That will avoid over-filling

>> Am I correct the engine wants 93 octane gas?
>According to The Writ Of Holy Wisdom (AKA "The Book"), use only
>super (premium) grade fuel with a minimum octane number of 95 (RON) or
>(MON). The bike is quipped with a knock sensor that will compensate for

>lower quality fuel, but why tempt fate, eh?

Technical stuff:
- - In the US, the reading on the pump is (RON+MON)/2.  With the numbers
Steve has provided, that comes to 90.   
- - The sticker next to the filler opening on my 2004 R1100S indicates
89 octane.  
- - As a bike ages and carbon builds up in the top of the cylinder, the
compression ratio increases and thus requires higher octane. 

Practical stuff:
89 will work fine.  A simple test is to fill up with 2 or 3
consecutive tanks.  Listen closely for pinging.  If it pings, you need
higher octane.  

To add further confusion:
Using higher octane uses more of your $$$ and doesn't give anything in
return.  On the other hand, at 4 gallons/fill, and assuming
$0.10/gallon increased cost for Premuim, the $0.40 increased cost to
fill the tank isn't likely to break anyone's wallet.  If Premium make
you feel better, use it.  

I use both Premium and 89.  It depends on how pissed I am at gas
prices when I fill. 

As has been pointed out elsewhere, there is no knock sensor.  

Wayne Woodruff