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Re: R1200GS

 I just took my R12gs to the North Ga mountains for the very first time.  I have only 7,000 miles on it and it blew me away with the handling of it.  The roads were as great as ever but the curves seemed easier and the roads seemed shorter than when I did them on my 96 Rt.  I could really tell the difference on how hard I had to work to make it thru the curves.  On the RT,though it handled great, I had to work it. On the Gs it was like power steering.  The close gear ratio meant I never had to worry about dropping down a gear even in a turn, and it had pretty good torque for the times I wished I had dropped down a gear.  
I do know my tires have more sidewall wear than ever before and for all the riding I never put a single seat pucker on her.     I'm no racer and I know not to ride beyound my limits but this bike makes you a better ridder, I'm convienced with just one trip to the mountains.
As to the height of the bike, yes it is tall,  I'm only 5-10 and have a 29" inseam.  I can only touch the balls of my feet down at the same time but I am use to it.  It was imtimidating at first but I think it feels normal now.  I don't think I could ride a bike that I could flat foot, I would feel too close to the ground.
As for all day comfort,  I rode 1100 miles this week end.  It got hot as hell in south Ga coming home and yes I got monkey butt.  I blame that more on the heat than the bike.  Believe me if i could have ridden the last 100 miles standing I would have, and did a lot of that.  Other than that, I find the position very comfortable.  I am long waisted and the upright position make my back feel just fine.  Perhaps a better seat or a tough Butt is in order but that is virtually the only thing about the bike I would change, with one exception.  I think the lighting really sucks  perhaps I just haven't figured out how to adjust it but If I aim the low beam high enough to do any good the high beams lights up the trees... I'm adding driving lights this week.
Paige Poole
96 RT ( 76,000 miles)
05 R12Gs.. ( 7500 smiles)

Dave wrote> 
> As the owner of a 1994 R1100RS who is thinking of getting a GS do you > see many major differences? I was curious as you made the change and I > think you were going to comment about them on the digest. I don't know > if you already did so. 
> Dave 
> 1994RS 
> Ottawa Canada