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Re: R1200GS

Dave sent me this private email, but I thought the list should have the 
info also.  So here it is for all to see:

Dave,  I had a 98RS.  It was a great bike, ran real smooth with no 
surge, had 43k miles on it.  I really liked that bike.  So the R12 came 
out and I'm thinking that the new motor must be really cool.  I wanted 
to wait to see what the replacement for the RS would be, but got 
impatient and bought the GS.

The GS is a really well made cycle.  It does everything well.  Lots of 
cornering clearance, lots of power, smooth and all that.  But I have 
found that the personality is rather sterile.  The GS riding position, 
particularly the handle bars, are not as good as the RS was for long 
days.  I haven't ridden the ST simply for fear of wanting to go out and 
buy one.

So I'm missing the RS at the moment, but can't really fault the GS in 
any way except long day comfort.  I just don't get the lovey feelings 
for the GS that I had for the RS.

Right now, I'm waiting to see what this new 800cc twin is going to be.  
I want lighter, and I want comfort.  So perhaps this will have the 
proper balance.

I would suggest you try the 1200 for a long test ride.  You won't find 
fault with the motor or drive train.  Pay close attention to the 
feelings you get from the bike.  This is where the issues are for me.

The GS is high up in the air.  This becomes a non issue after a day or 
so, as long as you are tall enough to handle the bike.  Say 5'11" or 

Hope this answers your questions.

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27

On Sep 26, 2005, at 4:41 PM, droos@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Bob
>  As the owner of a 1994 R1100RS who is thinking of getting a GS do you 
> see many major differences? I was curious as you made the change and I 
> think you were going to comment about them on the digest. I don't know 
> if you already did so.
>  Dave
>  1994RS
>  Ottawa Canada
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