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Re: WRT Americans...

Kind words about us Canadians, so I feel it only fair to mention I  
received great hospitality from my many American friends along the  
way during my cross-continent trip this past summer...(14,000km  
Vancouver-Halifax-Vancouver, with routing East including New England,  
and West through the US Mid-West). Only good things to say about the  
folks at the BMW dealership in Falmouth, ME, and Kansas City, MO too!  
Bikers are bikers anywhere it would seem...

'97 R850R

>   My kids comment that I say "aboot" and "oot" for  "out". I grew  
> up in
>   Centeral New Hampshire, aboot 100 miles from Canada, and  there  
> was a pretty healthy
>   Canuckian population by us. I kind of like the way  they talk.  
> Always makes me
>   feel like I'm among friends, for some strange reason.  Maybe  
> because they
>   always are offering hospitality. That's a nice thing,  eh?
>   Tom Cutter
>   Yardley, PA
>   http://www.RubberChickenRacingGarage.com