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Re: oil consumption

Data point :  they give you that oil consumption as a maximum so they don't have to spend a lot rebuilding engines.  A quart of oil in 1000KM is normal if you are on the otherside of the warranty desk.  I just did 1100 miles on my GS with only 7,000 miles and it took less than 2 oz to get it back to the dot, Gee I hope this oil comsumption goes down....... 
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On 9/27/05, Steve Makohin <wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The BMW user guide says that 1 liter (~1 quart) per 1000 km (~600 miles) is
> "normal".

Data point: my '99 R1100RT wanted half a liter after 5000km to get the
level back at the dot.