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Re: R1200GS

 I definitely felt like the bike was growning on me from waycross on home...kind of like jock itch grows on you.   A new seat is probably worth a try, since I can't find new butts on the internet.
I can see what you are saying about the bars and thier position, I have to work to hold myself up a little to keep the pressure off the palm of my hands.  I guess I'm getting good at it since it doesn't bother me as quickly.  I did rotate the bars up just a touch.  With ergonomics a little change can make a big difference.  They say that Lance Armstong can tell if his seat is moved as little as 1 mm.  not that is a senesitve butt!.
As for the suspension,  I  didn't notice any big improvement when I put new shocks on my 96 rt at 60K miles so perhaps I don't demand as much from the shocks or, like so many things If you think it will make it better it will.  I will probably replace these shocks sooner than on the RT but it is going to be a while for me.  I'd rather replace tires sooner with the money I save. At least with tires I can tell a big difference for my bucks.
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Paige, I pretty much agree with you on most points. My comfort issue is with the hands and angle of the grips. The seat is as with any Beemer. Go aftermarket. I got a Rocky Mayer seat, and it's a big improvement over stock. 
As to the suspension. The shocks are good when new, but at 7k miles they are starting to fade. I expect new shocks will be required just like on previous models. 
The 1200's handle great. Like a Ducati. Or perhaps like a more powerful F650CS. Holds the line much better than the RS. 
Maybe I just need more time on the bike to have it grow on me more. 
Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27