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Re: R1200GS

 I think you are right about just tapping into the wiring is a NO NO... I plan to do it with a relay so I only pull Ma of load and from a test circuit branch.  I might even use a second relay to keep the load even smaller.
I think the Can system is pretty neat but know little about it, and don't want to find out by watching it smoke!.  I do note there isn't a lot of wire on the bike so it must work.
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As I heard you cannot tap into the R1200GS' electrical circuit at all, it would 
mess-up the whole system.  I know nothing closer in this subject but I'd be 
careful adding anything else than OME stuff on that bike.  My info came from 
reliable source.  I am very much for additional lights, I have it on my RS and I 
just put a couple of 4" diameter Bosch on the "K75".
Of course you can add anything connecting directly to the battery, but not into 
the ignition circuit.  Don't hold me to it.
Bob Silas
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