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Re: R1200GS

 I think that is why some people like bull dog puppies...and some don't.   I've always had my heart beat a little faster when I saw a GS.  I always noted that the guys who owned one were 10% happier!  ( and 20% better looking)   Seriously, I think It is great that not everyone likes the looks, there would be something seriously wrong if everybody like it.
I guess I like its look because it looks like it should for what it is suppose to be.  Form follows function and many bikes don't even have that look.  Plus I don't have to spend an hour taking it out of its plastic bubble to work on it.

I could never get past the GS's "dirt bike ugly" look, but that is a personal prejudice, admittedly. That aside, Cycle Canada magazine said the R1200GS is the best bike ever made. Before anyone launches into a "bollocks" thread, take that with a grain of salt and read it as "the R1200GS is an extremely good motorcycle and we really like it a lot." 
- -Steve Makohin 
'01 R1100S/ABS 
Oakville, Ontario, Canada