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Re: oil consumption

If you have to put a quart of oil in a bike with 32k on it I would say you either have a harley or a beemer with a problem.  
I would ask the owner about the oil consumption of the bike in the past.  If you start putting oil in the bike on the road and it doesn't need it you will be doing a lot more harm than good and could lead to rea trouble with seals etc.   Checking the oil level on these bikes is a bit more than just parking them and looking at the little window.  Also Never fill it above the center dot.  When I have in the past it would use oil.  when I stopped doing that and only filling to the dot, oil comsumption nearly stopped.
Unless the owner tells you to bring a quart of oil instead of luggage, I would leave it home. 
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I would carry a quart. When you need oil, there is not good substitution.

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> Is oil consumption to be expected? Picking up an R1100R this weekend in 
> Nebraska and will be riding 1200 mi home to south Texas. Should I expect 
> to need a spare quart handy? (The bike has around 32k mi.) I guess it 
> would be prudent to have one anyway, but if I burn oil with a bike of 
> that mileage is that a caution flag? 
> Also, re general oil stuff -- here's a report I found via Google: 
> http://www.ibmwr.org/otech/oilreport.html 
> I understand that search rankings in Google have to do with how many 
> times a page is referenced in the 'net (among other things). That this 
> page comes up in the top ten must say a bit about BMW riders and oil 
> obsession. :> 
> -- 
> Mark