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RE: Extra mirrors?

> Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 22:27:54 +0200
> From: Cees De Groot <cdegroot@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Extra mirrors?
> Hi,
> Just did the first hiking trip with my bike - I got a 90 litre luggage
> roll that holds my backpack, and I noticed that such a big piece of
> luggage completely blocks the view in the mirrors.
> The handlebar units seem to have holes in them - can I fit GS-style
> mirrors on them when riding with a lot of luggage? Any experience with
> this?
> TIA,
> Cees
> '99 R1100RT
Hi Cees,

I've had a set of 1100GS mirrors on my R1100RT for 4 years since a cop snuck up on me and presented a well-earned performance award. With the pod mirrors adjusted as far to the sides as possible to eliminate blind spots, I couldn't see anything to the rear. The GS mirrors provide a panoramic rear view. I wouldn't be without them. They don't hit the stock windshield at full lock, but do hit the Aeroflow that I use during the winter. 
BTW, buy the BMW mirrors. I doubt you'll find any aftermarket mirrors that will fit the unique mounts on our bikes. I think R1100 GS, R1100RS and, IIRC, K1200RS mirrors all work.


Bob Covey
Thousand Oaks CA
'96 R1100RT
'83 R100ST