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Re: Extra mirrors?

In a message dated 9/26/05 6:18:13 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
cdegroot@xxxxxxxxx writes:
<<Just did the first hiking  trip with my bike - I got a 90 litre luggage
roll that holds my backpack, and  I noticed that such a big piece of
luggage completely blocks the view in the  mirrors.

The handlebar units seem to have holes in them - can I fit  GS-style
mirrors on them when riding with a lot of luggage? Any experience  with

This is a very common addition. Use R1150RS/GS  mirrors, they have the 
longest stalks. BMW Part Number 51 16 2 307 769 Order  Quantity 2 (Left and right 
are the same part number, the head just rotates  around.)

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA