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Re: All this Oilheads traffic

 > Is it true that there will be an air-show in the Bay-area over the water on
 > during the weekend of October 8/9???  I am leaving for Denver this Friday,

I'm not Gregory, but will answer for him.   He's either working or out
riding with his girlfriend who just got her licence and a new bike!

Anyway, Oct 8/9 is part of fleet week and this year the Blue Angels will
once again be performing over the bay.   With some luck they'll also
buzz down town SF during their practice runs, causing all kinds of
complaints :-)

The fleet week schedule can be found here:


Oh yeah, this year also included the Red Bull Air Race.   See the above
link for schedules.   Looks like lots of air activity in the bay area
that weekend.

// marc  (when did I become bay area tourist information :-)