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Re: R1200GS

Thanks for the tips.  You just hate to screw the bike up first thing....LOL...I like to wait till the second year I own it to do it up round.
I will check  out the links.  I would like to understand the Can system a lot better.
I do have one other question.  I went to hook up my twin max and though there is ports for it, one has a hose on it the other doesn't.  Do I need to leave the hose connected ( tee in) while I twin max it?  I also noticed there is no lowspeed mixture screw.  It now seems to be replaced with automated idle mixture devices which must do the same thing.  Am I correct?
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Paige, You want the can bus helper from touratech: 
> http://www.touratech-usa.com/shop/bmw_r12gs.lasso?> SubCat=Special_parts&-session=touratech:> 42B57C40C478074EC9FCC10B06DB6DB4 
I used this and it's great. A second relay won't help anything. The draw from a relay is below the threshold that the can bus can see. Tap into the wire lead to the parking light is the recommended point. I used the power lead to the aux accessory outlet that is optional for the top of the dash. That also worked. I don't have the aux outlet, but the power plug is in there with the standard harness. 
You can see three pics of my lights on my friends web site (he made the mounts in his shop) here. This pic in the link and then the next two shots: 
> http://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/motorcycles/dsc_4.html 
Sorry, but no pics of the touratech power supply rig. 
Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27 
On Sep 26, 2005, at 9:16 PM, plpklt@xxxxxxx wrote: 
> I think you are right about just tapping into the wiring is a NO > NO... I plan to do it with a relay so I only pull Ma of load and from > a test circuit branch. I might even use a second relay to keep the > load even smaller. 
> I think the Can system is pretty neat but know little about it, and > don't want to find out by watching it smoke!. I do note there isn't a > lot of wire on the bike so it must work. 
> paige