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Re: R1200GS

> I do have one other question.  I went to hook up my twin max and though there is 
> ports for it, one has a hose on it the other doesn't.  Do I need to leave the 
> hose connected ( tee in) while I twin max it?  I also noticed there is no 
> lowspeed mixture screw.  It now seems to be replaced with automated idle mixture 
> devices which must do the same thing.  Am I correct?

You don't have to worry about any hoses. Just connect the two intakes for the
balancer unit to the nipples on the TBs and have at it.  The fact that stepper
motors control the idle balance means that you will only be checking/adjusting the synch 
somewhere above idle. I like to do mine at about 4000rpm. Others perfer