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helmet funk

Someone here on one of the lists suggested a couple of wads of news 
print be stuffed into your helmet following use. This be done as the 
inks would absorb the "nasties" that are developing. I tried this. It 
works. I've done this a number of years now and my helmets have 
stayed fresh through their life. Of course I periodically disassemble 
them and wash the soft parts separately, and use Woolite. Only with 
one helmet did I feel compelled to wash the shell and absorber. This 
I did as well in Woolite, immersing the whole thing and "swooshing" 
it about gently. Should you de this, ensure that it is completely dry 
before using as you're at risk of encouraging new "growth". Final 
note..it helps to have a clean head to start with, sans gels and 
goos, gear-oil or whatever. And if it suites your life style, a 
"doo-rag" of social statement helps.

Steve Miller
'02 R1150RS
Agoura, CA