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Re: Broken Bag Mount

Peter, you wrote:
> I broke the front hook off the right side bag on my R1150R.  Did not hurt
> the bag, just broke off the part that hooks over the bag mounting rail. 
> I tried using JB Weld to "glue" the broken piece back on, but the first ride
> on a bumpy road caused it to snap off again.
> I can fabricate an aluminum piece and connect it with bolts through the bag,
> I think.  Does anyone have a better suggestion?
> Does BMW sell bags in pieces?  Does anyone have a busted left bag and want
> to sell their right bag?
> Pete, with an off-balance 02 R1150RA

An amusing (?) anecdote of a similar incident.  My wife and I were 
heading up to Cape Breton Island a few years ago on my R1100RS.  On the 
first day of our trip we were on I-95 in Maine going along at a really 
good clip.  We stopped at Wells Beach for a cup of coffee and pie.  As 
we walked back to the bike something just didn't seem right.  Duh!  The 
right saddlebag was missing.  Now this was the bag with all of my wife's 
clothes and medications.  We had no choice but to head back home.

First we contacted the State Police - figuring maybe, just maybe, 
someone had found the bag and reported it.  No luck!  Since we had to 
head home anyway, I decided that we would re-trace our steps using the 
'bread crumbs trail' of my then Garmin III+.  Both my wife and I were 
intent on looking and finding the saddle bag.  Well...after 40 miles of 
looking we actually found the bag!!! - in the large grassy center median 
of I-95 - and recovered it.  It was banged up, the front hook was broken 
off, but otherwise it was closed and intact.  Over to a local BMW dealer 
and bought a bag off a new RT.  Great trip to Cape Breton.

- -- 

Barry ('04 R1150RT)
Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

Ride hard and ride well.