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Re: Broken bag mount.

In a message dated 10/14/05 12:18:32 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
schinkel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I broke the front hook off the  right side bag on my R1150R.  Did not hurt
the bag, just broke off the  part that hooks over the bag mounting rail. 

I tried using JB Weld to  "glue" the broken piece back on, but the first ride
on a bumpy road caused it  to snap off again.

I can fabricate an aluminum piece and connect it with  bolts through the bag,
I think.  Does anyone have a better  suggestion?

Does BMW sell bags in pieces?  Does anyone have a busted  left bag and want
to sell their right bag?>>

You need part number 46 54 2 317 620, which is the right inner bag section. 
You  will also need the rivet kit to swap the lockbox assembly over, part 
number 71  60 2 319 470. To install the rivets, you will need to modify the 
nosepiece of a  standard SAE rivet tool to accept the metric-sized rivets. I just 
take a smaller  diameter nosepiece and drill it out with a metric drill to accept 
the rivet  shank.

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA