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Broken Bag


I know several people who've broken these bags.   It always seems to be on the
right so your chances of finding someone with a used right bag are slim, but
it's always good to ask anyway.

To prevent it from happening in the future, you put a hole through the bottom
catch with the bag on and empty...put the hole right through the two outside
tabs attached to the bag and the center tab attached to the frame.  Then
insert a metal clevis pin of slightly smaller diameter to hold the bag's
weight by this bottom tab.   The only negative is that this  makes it somewhat
more difficult to remove the bag because of the extra step of removing the pin
at the bottom.  On tour, everyone should use bag liners anyway...so much
easier than hauling your panniers into the room.

I believe there are detailed instructions on how to do this somewhere.
ibmwr.com?    bmwrt.com?

The inner bag molding is available without the guts.  Dealer can change the
guts pretty easily.   It's a little tricky if you've never seen it done.

- -TB