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RE: Broken Bag --- One More Thing


No marks on the bottom of the case.  The right bag hit a post at about 5
mph; I was paying attention to the post on the left side and thought I had
room to get through. I did, just gave the left too much room.  

I am 6'1" and weigh about 210 so increased the rear shock preload before I
left the dealer's lot.  Have had to do that with bikes for years.  At least
the R1150R has the remote pre-load adjustment so it is easy to adjust.  Sure
wish the front shock had a preload adjustment.  That would improve handling!

02 R1150RA

Tom Brown, October 15, 2005 10:40 AM wrote:

Tony brings up an interesting point.

"...I had the same thing happen to my 97' R1100RS.  We determined it was due
to the final drive hitting the bottom of the case over a hard bump.  I'm not
sure if the R has the same problem.  Check the top of your final drive and
the .
bottom of your case for a mark if they hit...."

 This explains why it's always the right side bag.    A lot of dealers
deliver their bikes with the spring pre-load all the way down.   A lot of
shorter riders leave the preload down so they can reach the ground easier.
The bike should be at about 2/3 of it's travel when it's packed with its
intended load.


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