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Broken Bag --- One More Thing


Tony brings up an interesting point.

"...I had the same thing happen to my 97' R1100RS.  We determined it was due
to the final drive hitting the bottom of the case over a hard bump.  I'm not
sure if the R has the same problem.  Check the top of your final drive and the
bottom of your case for a mark if they hit...."

 This explains why it's always the right side bag.    A lot of dealers deliver
their bikes with the spring pre-load all the way down.   A lot of shorter
riders leave the preload down so they can reach the ground easier.   The bike
should be at about 2/3 of it's travel when it's packed with its intended load.
If you stick a pillion and luggage on the thing and don't adjust the
suspension, you're going to be riding the bike damned near the bottom of
travel all the time and hitting the bump stops inside the shock a lot of the
time.   With the 1100 Paralever, you will also be hitting the rear housing on
the back of your right bag.

Crank up that spring when you put a load on the bike.   If it's still not
enough, get an aftermarket rear shock with a stronger spring.   New springs
are $100 or less.   Much cheaper than fixing these bags.  Your bike will
handle better too.

I'm betting there is a mark on the bottom of your bag that lines up nicely
with a mark on the paralever case.