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Re: poly-v-belt

In a message dated 10/19/05 8:48:37 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
BMW recommends that you replace  the belt at 60,000 km, according to my 
R1100S manual (it may be different  for your bike). I have heard from Big 
List members they fail before  that.  As a result, I have created an entry in 
my Service Log to remind  me to change the Poly-V belt at 40,000 km, 2/3 of 
the expected life-cycle,  just as a precaution. My service log automatically 
reminds me to do the  required work when I cross a date or mileage  

Be aware that there are TWO  different belt and pulley systems in use. The 
early one is the "Poly-V belt."  The later type is the "Elast" belt, which uses 
different "freewheel" pulleys.  The belts are NOT interchangeable. 

BMW recommends NOT  retensioning either type of belt at any interval, they 
suggest to install and  properly tension the belt, then leave it undisturbed 
until the recommended  replacement interval is reached. This is a change from the 
early recommendation  to retension the belt at regular service intervals.
Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA