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Re: poly-v-belt

In a message dated 10/20/05 11:20:40 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
HDBESQ@xxxxxxx writes:
There is no doubt in my mind that the  belt can fail.  I can imagine that a 
thrashing belt is not going to  help the HES.  I'm not convinced that belt 
failures are directly  related to tensioning technique.  I know several 
people who 
have had  original belts fail at low mileage.  Bad belt, or improper 
at the factiory?  I tend to think the former.  I appreciate your  

I think improper  tensioning at the initial service by the dealer. 
Retensioning was called out in  the 600-mile service on the early Oilheads, and most 
mechanics i have talked to  about it seem to have a very hazy understanding of 
how to do the job correctly.  Virtually every owner-tensioned one I have seen 
was WAY too tight, which does  promote failure. Add that the early ones were bad 
belts, and that the belts are  exposed to airborne road grit that can get 
bounced up in there under the  alternator, and there is a problem area for 

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA