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Re: poly-v-belt

In a message dated 10/20/05 3:29:24 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
hometech@xxxxxxxx writes:
My last one failed (on my third)  while engine braking to a little extreme,
and I think the first one went  under revving or braking circumstances.  I
made it about 15 miles on the  battery.  The 2nd time I was out at the lake
so I took my camper battery  and stuck it in my rear topcase to so I could
make it to town.  What is  the HES?>>

Hall Effect Sender. See  http://users.rcn.com/dehager/ for an exceleltn 
treatment on the care and feedign  of the Oilhead ignition trigger HES.

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA