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Re: Lets get back to oilheads...throttle body question

Hi all,

I thought I'd update the list on the results of this problem and all the 
great support I received from you.  Eventually, I purchased a new 
TwinMax (returned my borrowed unit) to eliminate that source of error.  
Results were the same.  After checking and re-checking all sources of 
air leaks, I ended up noticing that the right butterfly shaft bushing 
had some play.  I purchased a used right throttle body from Fred at 
cyclesrecycled.com ($80).  It was from a later RS, so I had to swap out 
the rear plate, pulley, etc.   Finally, I balanced the right throttle 
stop to the left (was about a half turn off after the parts swapping).  
BBAS are now within 1/8 turn of each other with idle spot on. All is 
good, so good in fact that I could not believe the amount of performance 
I had lost (and that I hadn't noticed it!). Throttle response is 
excellent with little or no surging, and this bike is smoooth once again 
(well, it is a twin after all!)  Many thanks to all who posted 
suggestions.  My advice to any high mileage oilhead owner is to check 
out your right throttle body for bushing wear...what a difference!

John in VT
93 RS

John Van Deren wrote:

> Hi listers,
> Today I was adjusting the throttle body synch on my 94 RS (110K miles) 
> and noticed that the right brass air bypass screw needed to be almost 
> closed (clockwise) to attain balance on the Twinmax. The left screw is 
> a couple of turns out.  I cannot get the idle low enough to suit 
> me...about 1400 rpm is as low as I can get it.  Does this indicate 
> that the right throttle body has a problem (wear)?  Do I have an air 
> leak perhaps on one side?  Any wisdom from the pros out there would be 
> greatly appreciated.  BTW, I use GS tubes.
> John Van Deren
> High and dry in Montpelier, VT