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Re: clutch

Rob,  This early riser suggests that you put the bike on the center 
stand asap for some work.  The weeping sight glass can turn to instant 
trouble.  They can blow out and spew oil around, leaving the engine 
dry.  So get a new seal and install with a bit of cement.  The old seal 
comes out by drilling a small hole for a sheet metal screw, and then 
pulling it out.

Slipping clutch.  Do you have cable or hydraulic lever on a 2000?  If 
cable, you want to confirm free play at the back of the trans where the 
actuating lever is.  You can look for oil leakage at the timing rubber 
plug, or perhaps by pulling the starter.

You also need to have a look in the air box and make sure everything is 
in order.  No oil accumulation, filter good etc.

Let us know how it works out.

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27

On Oct 20, 2005, at 10:48 PM, Rob Eggers wrote:

> Clutch recently started slipping on hard throttle roll-on. Bike is a 
> 2000
> 1150 GS with 14k miles. When I bought the bike it had 12k on the 
> clock. Last
> oil change I went to synthetic; don't know if that could have anything 
> to do
> with the problem. No clutch smell or slipping problem taking off. Even 
> not
> knowing history of bike I don't think clutch could be lunched so soon. 
> Any
> ideas or moral support? Gut instinct says this might be a rear main 
> seal
> weeping. Since changing I have noticed weeping at sight glass. If I 
> have to
> take this bike to a dealer I'll be weeping.
> Rob