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RE: clutch

Rob, I just had the rear seal and clutch replace on my 2000 1100RT 3 months
ago. It had 23,000 miles on the bike.
The seal went bad and it took out the clutch with oil on it. Like yours it
would slip under load a higher speeds.
$1400 later it is fixed at BMW of Daytona.
I know it was out of warranty time wise, but 23000 miles? That's bad.

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2000 R1100 RT

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Clutch recently started slipping on hard throttle roll-on. Bike is a 2000
1150 GS with 14k miles. When I bought the bike it had 12k on the clock. Last
oil change I went to synthetic; don't know if that could have anything to do
with the problem. No clutch smell or slipping problem taking off. Even not
knowing history of bike I don't think clutch could be lunched so soon. Any
ideas or moral support? Gut instinct says this might be a rear main seal
weeping. Since changing I have noticed weeping at sight glass. If I have to
take this bike to a dealer I'll be weeping.


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