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Re: oil change question

On Sat, 22 Oct 2005 07:40:09 -0500, you wrote:

>Was reading up on oil changes since I'm about to do mine...
>On ibmwr.org there's an oilhead maintenance .pdf dated 2-25-02
>I have a question about steps 11 and 14 on page 23. Is #14's "3.75  3.9 
>qts" including the oil that was put in the filter at #11, or IN ADDITION TO?
>11. Fill the new oil filter with fresh oil.
>12. Apply a thin coat of oil to the new oil filter rubber gasket.
>13. Install the new oil filter and give it > - 1 turn after first contact.
>14. Add 3.75  3.9 qts. of oil total (NOT 4 qts.!!!) using a funnel or 
>oil spout.


3.75 - 3.9 total.  Not in addition to.  

Regarding step 11 ... 

<soapbox on>

What is in the document is one person's opinion.  In my 32 years of
driving and 24 years of riding, I have never filled a filter with oil
before installing it.  Other swear that the only thing more important
in life is to breathe. If you want to pre-fill, pre-fill.  If you
don't, don't.  

I guarantee you that your BMW dealer and few, if any, professional
mechanics would do this. 

<soapbox off>

You might want to get a Haynes manual for your bike.  (they do not
mention pre-filling the filter either)

Wayne"expecting flames from those who pre-fill their filters"Woodruff

Wayne Woodruff