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Re: oil change question

In a message dated 10/22/05 9:30:32 AM Eastern  Standard Time, wayne@xxxxxxxx 
<<What is in the document is one  person's opinion.  In my 32 years of
driving and 24 years of riding, I  have never filled a filter with oil
before installing it.  Other swear  that the only thing more important
in life is to breathe. If you want to  pre-fill, pre-fill.  If you
don't, don't.  

I guarantee you  that your BMW dealer and few, if any, professional
mechanics would do this.  >>

I pre-fill oil filters when I am standing there bored waiting  for the oil to 
finish draining. If I have something else to do, I don't bother.  The only 
real reason is that there is then a ready supply of fresh oil to lube  the 
gasket, and I have learned the hard way to always lubricate the  gasket.

Since a properly tuned oilhead engine will start and rev up with  less than a 
half turn of the motor, I suppose there may be some momentary  starvation 
issues, but I don't know anybody who does an oil change, the starts  the bike 
while it is in gear and dumps the clutch for an instant 5000 RPM  getaway. By the 
time I get ready to pull away, the filter is full and the oil is  circulated 
through the motor about 75 times.

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA