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Re: oil change question

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From: "Mark Rivera" <marr@xxxxxxxx>
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> Was reading up on oil changes since I'm about to do mine...
> "
> 11. Fill the new oil filter with fresh oil.
> 12. Apply a thin coat of oil to the new oil filter rubber gasket.
> 13. Install the new oil filter and give it > - 1 turn after first contact.
> 14. Add 3.75  3.9 qts. of oil total (NOT 4 qts.!!!) using a funnel or oil 
> spout.
> "
> Thanks,
> Mark

When I had my oilhead, I changed oil every 3000 miles, never filled the oil 
filter and always put in FOUR quarts of oil. (figured the 1 1/2 ounce extra 
wasn't gonna hurt anything).

I never ended up with oil in the air filter housing and I also never added 
any oil as long as there was ANY showing in the sight glass.
It never used any oil from the 10K mile mark to the 60K when I sold it.

Bill Kenney