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Re: R1150R Electrical outlet question

In a message dated 10/23/05 2:01:15 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
schinkel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I have a  yellow/anthracite/black engine/black housing 2002 BMW R1150RA. The
list price  for this bike was $100 extra for the color.

I purchased the head  protectors only to learn that the engine mounting
points are not drilled on  my bake.  Haven't drilled them for fear of making
a mistake.  New  set to head protectors on my shelf.

It is getting cool.  I thought I  would put an electrical outlet in so I
could wear my electric vest.   Parts man said all I had to do was remove the
cover, remove the plug, and  reinstall the cover so the outlet's contacts
plugged into their  receptacle.  Pulled the cover and found there is no
receptacle  there.  No unused connectors available anywhere.

Two  questions.

Did I get a Monday morning bike, or do all R1150Rs this color  missing these,
and maybe other, items?

Does anyone have  recommendations for where/how to route wiring from the fuze
block without  disassembling the bike?>>

The mount holes for  the head protectors are probably plugged or painted 
over. I have NEVER seen a  set of Oilhead heads that did not have the holes 
threaded from BMW. I don't  think is would even be possible to get a set without the 

The wiring connector for the accessory socket  is hiding down behind your 
starter. It is taped to the wire harness with a  little bit of black friction 
tape. use a mirrir and flashlight to find it. Then  gently snip the tape (not the 
wires...) and free the plug and enough cable to  reach to the installed 
socket. Check the red cable for power, it is probably  already connected and fused 
in the fusebox, but I have seen some where the fuse  was not installed in that 

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA