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RE: R1150R Electrical outlet question


Thanks for the info.  I checked and found the connector.  Had to disconnect
the battery positive cable to get the connector from behind the starter, but
it worked.

Thanks again,

02 R1150RA

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The pigtail is tucked behind the starter,   just look a bit harder.  You 
will need to clip a plastic tie.
Keith Hull
Alaska Motorcycle Adventures
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Subject: R1150R Electrical outlet question

>I have a yellow/anthracite/black engine/black housing 2002 BMW R1150RA. The
> list price for this bike was $100 extra for the color.
> I purchased the head protectors only to learn that the engine mounting
> points are not drilled on my bake.  Haven't drilled them for fear of 
> making
> a mistake.  New set to head protectors on my shelf.
> It is getting cool.  I thought I would put an electrical outlet in so I
> could wear my electric vest.  Parts man said all I had to do was remove 
> the
> cover, remove the plug, and reinstall the cover so the outlet's contacts
> plugged into their receptacle.  Pulled the cover and found there is no
> receptacle there.  No unused connectors available anywhere.
> Two questions.
> Did I get a Monday morning bike, or do all R1150Rs this color missing 
> these,
> and maybe other, items?
> Does anyone have recommendations for where/how to route wiring from the 
> fuze
> block without disassembling the bike?
> Pete
> Frustrated 02 R1150R owner