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Re: oil filter fill

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From: Mark Rivera <marr@xxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 02:16:19 -0500
Subject: Re: oil change question

Thanks all for the advice on the oil change. I went ahead and filled the filter before putting it on because, well, why not. 
Took it for a 500mi spin today with some around-town jaunts thrown in and oil consumption was nil. It had previously been eating a little oil based on the number of rides (as opposed to mileage), so that is good news. Can I conclude from this that it was eating the oil because it was too old? (34k mi on the bike.) 
I always like a vertical filter arrangement since you can pre-fil it.  I am always amazed exactly how much oil you can get into that tiny filter if you take your time.  I swear it is an optical illusion since it appears you can get more oil in the filter than a container that size has any right to hold, but you are pouring so little in at a time that it seems like you are pouring a gallon in.  But I still think it will hold nearly 3/8 quart if you get all the air bubbles out.
If you want to blow your mind on apparent volumes of liquids  look at the lowly 5 gal gas can...  looks pretty big but a cubic foot fuel cell will hold  7.4 gallons  I am still amazed by that one too...  Guess I am just easy to amaze.....
I'm also amazed when I meet a government employee who has a lick of sense.....but that happens so rarely....