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RE: A PO is?

> > >> My PO had a blown main seal at 8,000 miles....
> >
> > Uh, PO?  What's a PO?  Post Office...hmmm, probably not.....
> Previous Owner

A common variant in vintage bike circles is "DPO," for "D*ckhead Previous
Owner."  The path to the state of being a "vintage bike" is through the
purgatory of "old junk," where the most appalling maintenance shortcuts are
casually taken, to the dismay of later owners.  I have a seriously abused
BSA engine on my bench right now, and the term "DPO" is on the  very tip of
my tongue ...

	- Martin
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Martin Lodahl of Auburn, CA
UNIX Pro, Motorcyclist, Musician, etc.