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Re: Autolite 3923 washer

In a message dated 11/9/05 11:51:24 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
r11rider@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Thanks, Tom...I learn something  every day.  I thought dissimilar metals 
might tend to corrode  together.>>

They can. Actually, identical  metals are much more likely to seize and bind, 
which is why the Airhead  exhaust threads are always a problem area, and 
Stainless Steel fasteners MUST be  coated with anti-seize before installing the 
nut to the bolt, or the SS will  definitely seize.

But spark plugs are not simple metal  things. They are plated and coated 
right from the factory. It is no secret to  the engineers at Autolite and Bosch or 
any other plug maker that the cylinder  heads are aluminum. So they use 
platings that will prevent this seizure. You do  not need to second-guess their 
research and testing.

Personally, I am not crazy about the plating used on Autolite plugs. They 
always  seem to be real rusty when I pull them out, at least the outer part of 
the  shell, not the threads. I just don't like rusty stuff on my bike.  

Before you come back and post how great the Autolite  plugs worked on your 
bike, try a simple blind test. Get a pair of the Autolites,  and a pair of NEW 
Bosch or NGK (they specify both for different models) plugs  for your bike from 
BMW. Have a trusted friend install one set in your bike, and  take the other 
set home. Ask him to NOT tell you which plugs he installed. Ride  the bike for 
1000 miles, making notice of how it runs. Now ask your trusted  friend to 
swap the plug brands, still without telling you. Now write down your  
observations of the power, smoothness, surgeing, etc., with each set of plugs.  Now ask 
your friend to tell you which plugs went with each  observation.

You will discover what a lot of other  guys have already discovered: NEW 
plugs make the bike run noticeably better for  a while. So does new oil. The brand 
isn't very important, as long as you use the  recommended specification, i.e. 
heat range (plugs) or viscosity  (oil).

Whenever I am feeling like my bike is running  crappy, I feed it a fresh set 
of plugs and a change of oil. Sometimes I discover  that it was only 1500 
miles ago when I last serviced the bike. Still makes it  run nice for a trip.

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA