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RE: Autolite 3923 washer

Tom Cutter said:

> Personally, I am not crazy about the plating used on Autolite plugs. They
> always  seem to be real rusty when I pull them out, at least the
> outer part of
> the  shell, not the threads. I just don't like rusty stuff on my bike.

I with you there, Tom.  The causal chain that led to a certain BSA A65
engine's long-term residency on my bench began with an Autolite plug bonding
to the aluminum head.  It had been in place more than one year but less than
five, and showed no visible rust.  Autolites have never been my favorite
plugs, but that really tore it.

	- Martin
- --
Martin Lodahl of Auburn, CA
UNIX Pro, Motorcyclist, Musician, etc.