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Re: Autolite 3923 washer

From: <Tpcutter@xxxxxxx>

> A safe rule of thumb for all gasketed spark plugs is simple: install 
> finger
> tight, then tighten 1/8 turn more for used plugs, 1/4 turn for new plugs 
> the
> first time only. The extra 1/8 turn forms the gasket the first  time.

I use the various oilhead maintenance guides available online from ibmwr, 
the Clymer manual and this newsgroup to guide my maintenance efforts. 
Following the recommendations of the first two I've always applied a little 
non-metallic anti-seize to spark plug threads - so this topic has has been a 
bit of a worry for me. The oilhead maintenance guides specify a little 
anti-seize and a torque value of 15 ft/lb, but, having learned the hard way, 
I no longer use a lubricant and a torque wrench on the same thread, but 
instead use an exact method of tensioning so at least I'm unlikely to have 
overtightened the plugs... or so I thought.

I follow the the Clymer manual specification of finger tight then 1/2 turn 
for new plugs and 1/4 turn when reusing a compression washer on a used 
plug - that's twice your recommendation Tom - 100% is a big difference. Am I 
overtightening and running the risk of damaging the threads in the heads?

Mike Wilson

Lilydale, Tasmania

1999 R850R